Ultra Fat Burn

(Each Bottle contain 90 Capsule)

Ultra Fat Burn

You asked for it and we have delivered. Introducing the new Ultra Fat Burn. That's right, Ultra Fat Burn, the ultimate energizing fat burner, in a potent bio-active formulation.

The current crop of Ephedra-free fat burning and energy supplements are little more than old Ephedra formulas – without Ephedra! At best, Ephedra has been replaced with some inert ingredient with no effect whatsoever on energy levels or metabolic rate. This is hardly the right approach for developing an effective fat burning – energy supplement without using Ephedra.

At AST Sports Science, we started with a clean slate.We didn't rush an ineffective product to the market just to capitalize on the hysteria. We combed the research journals. We looked at and into the science of energy production, fat utilization and metabolic enhancement. We tested formula after formula until we hit pay dirt! The new Ultra Fat Burn is the most effective fat-burning and pre-workout energy supplement available anywhere! Bar none – case closed.

Ultra Fat Burn is unlike any other thermogenic on themarket. Each serving contains a precision blend of potent and effective thermogenic herbs, amino acid substrates, and key vitamins and minerals that support and extend the thermogenic effects. This exclusive and proprietary formula is called Ultra Fat Burn

Designing an Effective Thermogenic Fat-Burning Energy Supplement

When developing an effective thermogenic energy supplement, you have to understand the key metabolic pathways that support lipid transport and utilization as well as lean tissue (muscle) preservation. The idea is to develop a supplement that increases fat metabolism without sacrificing lean muscle. The greater your muscle-to-fat ratio the more metabolically efficient your body will be at metabolizing fat.

Energy and intensity are what drive a successful workout. The greater your training intensity, the more muscle growth response you'll achieve. Ultra Fat Burn is formulated to provide ultra-high, long duration energy levels so you can train hard and heavy without running out of gas. This increase in intensity peaks training motivation so that you have no more sluggish workouts. With Ultra Fat Burn every workout is a high-intensity muscle-building workout.

New Ultra Fat Burn incorporates a formula unlike any other thermogenic available. This proprietary formula makes "Ephedra-Free" Ultra Fat Burn highly effective in helping you reach your weight training and fat loss goals. In fact, no other thermogenic supplement has been proven more effective than Ultra Fat Burn

You want an edge to help achieve a lean muscular physique. You train hard, you eat right, and you sweat out some serious cardio. Now it's time to feel the power of new Ultra Fat Burn. Add Ultra Fat Burn to your training program – feel the energy and see the results.